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All about boarding the cruise ship

All about boarding the liner
Boarding a liner for the first time may seem like a complicated procedure. But believe me, on your second cruise it will seem to you that everything is logical and simple!)

And here are my little tips on landing:

⚓️ Ideally, it is best to arrive in the city where the port of departure for the cruise is located a day in advance. The reason is simple – planes are often delayed, because of this you may miss the ship. And it, of course, will not wait for you, and you will have to catch up, which is not the most pleasant thing. After all, the next port on the route may already be in another country.

⚓️ Upon arrival at the port or before check-in, do not forget to remove the airport tags. You can also entrust this to the port staff, but usually they are always happy if they are no longer there and no time is wasted on this)) After all, now you will have new cruise tags! You check in your luggage at the check-in, and it will be waiting for you on the ship at the cabin.

⚓️ You will not reach your luggage in the first few hours on the ship, so do not forget to take essential items, medicines and possibly a swimsuit with you in your hand luggage)) After all, the pools and bars on the sun deck will already be fully operational))

⚓️ Some cruise companies open online check-in about a week before the cruise. This speeds up the registration process at the port a bit.

⚓️ Boarding most often starts from 12 am. At the same time, some passengers get off the ships, others enter, customs officers and security guards scurry through the terminals, queues line up at the check-in desks ... it may seem chaotic, but in fact everything is organized quite structured. And it's quieter than at airports!

So just exhale and plunge into the abyss of the pre-departure fuss.