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MYTHS about cruises

MYTHS about cruises
5 Myths about Cruises
⚓️ Cruises are expensive!
Perhaps this is the most common myth about cruises. Cruise holidays are becoming more and more popular, gone are the days when - "It's for the rich!". A cruise on a luxury cruise ship, if you plan everything correctly, can come out at the price of your usual vacation in Turkey. As they say, there would be a wish!

⚓️ It's boring on a cruise!
I've always been surprised by this myth, well, how can it be boring on a 20 deck floating amusement park hotel?! Bars and restaurants, spas and water parks, casinos and theaters... there are so many things on the ships that I'm too lazy to list them))) At the same time, you also visit the most beautiful cities in the world! Boring, right?! Do you really believe that?))

⚓️ I'm going to get seasick!
All modern cruise ships have pitching stabilization systems. Therefore, the pitching on the liners is almost NOT FELT. For example, I may get carsick, but never on a cruise ship. It is not worth comparing with ferries, yachts and boats... That's NOT IT!! And think for yourself, there can be thousands of people on one ship, do they all have such a good vestibular apparatus? - No! It's just because engineers already know how to technically solve this problem.

⚓️ There are only retired people on the cruise ships!
Well, first of all, foreign seniors travel more in common and there are enough of them in hotels)) Secondly, they differ from ours in their desire to "hang out" sometimes no less than the youth)) And thirdly, there are always ALL categories of vacationers on the cruise ships: families with children, couples, and young people. And watch my video highlights on the page! I was filming a nightclub at Symphony of Seas... Ibiza is just relaxing!))

⚓️ The dress code depresses me!
You don't like to dress up, you don't need to. A man can afford to come to a restaurant in classic jeans and a shirt. And a woman in a cocktail dress or trousers. It's even easier to get dressed at the buffet, jeans are the most common part of the wardrobe there)) Moreover, different cruise companies have different attitudes to the dress code. There are those who welcome him (and even a tuxedo will be appropriate), and there are those who openly promote freedom in clothing.