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SEA PASS. The key to all the doors?

SEA PASS. The key to all the doors?
What does every cruise ship have in their pocket?))) I don't know what you were thinking, but I'm talking about the Sea Pass Card)) Today I'm telling you about an important document on a cruise ship.

Cruise / on–board card or simply Sea pass - this card has many names, as well as functions. This is a plastic card with a magnetic stripe, passenger information and sometimes even a photo. It contains all the necessary information about the passenger! Starting with your full name and ending with the number of your table in the restaurant))

The sea pass serves:

⚓️ The key to your cabin, a system similar to what works in all modern hotels.

⚓️ An identity card and a pass for the vessel. When registering for the ship, you are photographed, entered into the database and given this card. Every time you board and disembark the vessel, the guard will scan the card and identify you in this way.

Life hack. Not everyone knows that you can use it to verify your identity on shore, so you don't have to carry other documents with you all the time.

⚓️ By means of payment. You pay for all purchases and services on board only with this card. During the cruise, a personal account is opened for each passenger, which is linked to the sea pass. On board the cruise ship, each guest makes a deposit. You can use cash, or you can link your bank card to it.

Life hack. My advice to you is to deposit cash, in this case, the money not spent will be returned to you immediately in cash! And if by card, then you need to wait for a transfer or "defrosting" from the bank.

By the way, after the cruise, this card remains with you! Someone even collects them)))