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About security

About security
UNESCO's long-term research has led to the conclusion that cruises are the safest type of vacation in the world!

⚓️ And if one of your "all-knowing" friends throws phrases like "it's not safe", "remember the Titanic", "look, don't drown" and the like, just know - THIS IS NONSENSE!

All the latest scientific achievements are used to build a cruise ship. Friends, this is BILLIONS of dollars! And first of all, they are not invested in porcelain in restaurants and marble in toilets, but in security, navigation, stabilization and satellite systems. As for the fears - "we will drown!". Can you even remember at least one example of a sunken cruise ship? Except for the Titanic, which was built 100 years ago)) Guys, it was heated with COAL!! What technologies are we talking about?

⚓️ Another safety feature is the ability to simply move the entire vacation to another place in case of dangerous situations!)) As it was, for example, during the troubles in Egypt. Unlike the tourists in the hotels who were sitting and afraid, the cruise ships just "just in case" sailed from Egypt to a safe distance! By the way, all cruise routes with Egypt have still been canceled.

⚓️ If you take fears - theft, terrorist attacks, diseases, poisoning and the like! Then the situation with the cruise ships is also more pleasant than on land.
  • Each boarding/disembarkation is a passport control with all the consequences. And there are almost no places on the vessel where the camera would not hang.
  • The staff is strictly selected, as contracts are for half a year and salaries are on average higher than in hotels.
  • There are separate requirements for food and alcohol. Only large, trusted suppliers service vessels. All the food is cooked right on board. What is not eaten for lunch will never be served for dinner. Everything is strict.

⚓️ Medicine. Yes, there are doctors on the ships, if necessary, they will do an operation on board, but most often, they will call a helicopter. Therefore, everything is arranged according to the rule - it is better to prevent the problem than to solve it later.

Many are afraid of the information that there are morgues and prisons on the cruise ships! Wouldn't it be better if it wasn't?!))) This only proves that the crew is ready for any situation.