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Types of cabins

Types of cabins
A cruise ship is a huge floating hotel. And the cost of traveling on it largely depends on the category of your cabin. The names of cabins may sound different for different cruise companies, it happens that there are dozens of types of cabins on the ship.

I will tell you about the 4 main ones that are on all ships.

Definitely, there are no bad cabins on the liners. All rooms have a standard set for a comfortable stay: beds, bedside tables, TV, safe, wardrobe, hairdryer, shower and toilet. I don't seem to have forgotten anything important.

All rooms are serviced by stewards - they clean 1 or 2 times a day, depending on the star rating of the cruise ship.

⚓️ Inside cabin
The most economical option, suitable for those who are used to not staying in the room. The main disadvantage is that there is no window, only artificial lighting. Although for some it's even good, for sleepyhead, for example) On the most modern cruise ships there are also inside cabins with a “virtual balcony”. They have large floor-to-ceiling TV screens, but this is not an ordinary TV. It shows what is happening overboard now!

⚓️ Outside cabin with window
Naturally, it is more expensive than the inside one. The main thing is that there is a window) It is important to understand that it does not open. There are cabins where the Windows overlook not the sea, but the promenade deck. This should be taken into account when choosing a cabin with a window.

⚓️ Cabin with balcony
A private balcony in the room is a completely different atmosphere on a cruise and a higher level of comfort. These cabins are larger in size and are more expensive than the interior and with a window. There are chairs and a table on the balcony. There you can sunbathe, have breakfast and meet the sunsets! There are cabins where the balconies also overlook not the sea, but the promenade deck.

⚓️ Suite
The most luxurious of the cabins, it looks more like a villa. It can have several rooms or floors! There is always a large terrace, there is often a Jacuzzi and a bar on it) The price includes butler service and other privileges, such as a limousine transfer, fruit in the room and access to a special "lounge" for VIP guests))