All about cruises. FAQs


Planning a first cruise seems like a difficult task for many. But this is not quite true, go through my points below, and a lot will fall into place!

⚓️ Budget. You don't have to be a millionaire to go on a cruise on a luxury vessel. Cruises can be found quite reasonably priced. But the price range is very large, so you should decide on the budget already "on the shore" literally and figuratively;

⚓️ Direction. Which countries would you like to see? How far are you willing to fly by plane to see them? Do you have visas to these countries or are you ready to get them? Answer all these questions for yourself. And, going back to the budget again, remember that plane tickets can cost more than the cruise itself;

⚓️ Dates. Different countries have their own seasonality, conditionally, in Europe in summer, in Asia in winter… In high season, prices are higher not only for hotels, but also for cruise ships. Keep this in mind when planning. And, I will not tire of repeating, the earlier you plan a trip (flight + cruise), the more profitable it will be for you;

⚓️ Duration. In my opinion, the best number of days for a first cruise is a week. This is the optimal time to feel the atmosphere and adjust to the cruise vacation mode;

⚓️ The composition of travelers. The most profitable composition is two people in the cabin. If you are planning a cruise alone or with the whole family, start looking for a cruise in advance so that cabins and affordable prices are available. After all, the fewer cabins remain in the category, the more expensive they are;

If you have already decided that you definitely want to go on your first cruise, send a request to my website