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Alcohol on a cruise

Alcohol on a cruise
Today we will talk about alcoholic beverages on cruise ships. The information concerns cruises WITHOUT alcohol initially included.

⚓️ There are several options for paying for alcohol:
  • According to the usual system, from your cruise card - Sea Pass. Conditionally, just come to the bar and buy a cocktail;
  • Buy the "All drinks" package. Different ships have different prices, on average from 26 to 35 euros per day per person and drink how much / where / what you want. According to this package, you can also take smoothies, freshly brewed coffee and ice cream in cafes. And yes, this package cannot be bought for one day, only for the entire cruise;
  • Buy a package of drinks that is valid during meals in restaurants. It doesn't work in bars;
  • Buy a package of "wine", "beer", "wine + water", etc. For example, if you are a wine lover, it is more profitable to buy a wine package that will include 7-10 bottles. Your wine will be brought to your cabin/restaurant/bar;

  • In the main restaurant, where your regular table is assigned to you, it is not necessary to try to finish the open bottle. Just ask the waiter to close your bottle and leave it for you for tomorrow;
  • Sometimes it is possible to redeem some alcohol packages even when booking a cruise and it is often more profitable than on board;

⚓️ A few more important facts about alcohol:
  • Alcohol prices on cruise ships are average. There is no such thing as on land, when the hotel is much more expensive than in the city. It can be even more profitable on liners than on land in some countries;
  • It is forbidden to bring your own alcohol on the cruise ship. The guards will smile sweetly, pick it up, pack it and give it back at the end of the cruise. This is one of the requirements of the security service. The rule applies to all cruise companies, but it happens that the ship's crew itself violates it))

And be careful, some cruise companies have a paid luggage storage. If alcohol is sold on the territory of the cruise terminal, then it is of good quality and you will be allowed to bring it on board. For example, as in the port of Barcelona. But just in case, check with the sellers at the port.