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Russian-speaking groups on a cruise

Russian-speaking groups on a cruise
Cruises are becoming more and more popular among travelers from Russia and CIS countries every year. Therefore, companies are willing to develop on-board service areas for Russian speakers.
⚓️ “Russian groups” is a service that will be especially interesting for those who do not speak English and are worried that for this reason they will feel uncomfortable on the cruise ship. And, of course, the Russian group service does not mean that all “our” passengers on board will crowd in a bunch and relax together))

⚓️ The service usually includes:
- Russian-speaking staff at the reception;
- menu in cafes/restaurants in Russian;
- daily newspaper "program of events" in the cabin in Russian;
- Russian-speaking animator at the children's club;
- possibility to book excursions with a Russian-speaking guide;
- if a large group is recruited, then in addition to the Russian-speaking staff at the reception desks, the company sends an additional escort who sits at a separate counter and advises on all issues.

⚓️ There are not "Russian groups" in all directions. But Russian-language service has long been offered on trips to the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, the Persian Gulf and even on cruises to Antarctica. To find out if there is a "Russian group" on board, just ask the KadoTravel manager about it.
⚓️ The amount for this service is usually already included in the price of the cruise. Moreover, very often the price of a cruise WITHOUT a "Russian" service can be exactly the same. Cruise companies treat this more as an additional opportunity to attract a new audience that is just discovering the world of cruises than as an opportunity to earn money.