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On a cruise with children

On a cruise with children
Many cruise companies are focused on family vacations. Moreover, they travel with schoolchildren and pre-school children, as well as with infants.

Let me remind you that it is important for cruise parents to know.

⚓️ Age. You can go on short cruises with children from 6 months old. But on cruises longer than 10-14 days, or on cruises with a large number of days at sea, such as Transatlantic, kids will not be taken - only from one year. Six months/the child must be one year old at the time of departure of the cruise ship.

⚓️ Cost. There is no uniform policy for companies here. But here are the 3 most common options:

- Almost free, i.e. you will have to pay only port fees and tips for the child. The age limits are different - up to 2 years old, up to 14, and on some vessels even up to 18 years old for free. But this is when it is the third passenger in the cabin, i.e. it is traveling with two parents. If only a mother and child are going on a cruise, then you will have to pay the entire amount for it.

- The company gives the child a discount. But also only as a third passenger. For example, 50% or 25%.

- Seasonal promotions. For example, the company usually charges the full cost per child, and in the off-season makes a promotion - “up to 12 years old for free.”

⚓️ Accommodation. There are shelved beds or a pull-out sofa in the cabin for children. If you ask, they will put a cot in the cabin for the baby. Of course, there are also family rooms with several bedrooms. It all depends on the budget;)

⚓️ Food. Mixtures and purees for babies are better to take their own. For older children, cafes and restaurants always have children's menu. And on the buffet there is a large selection of porridges, broths, dishes with meat and vegetables. There are always high chairs for children.

⚓️ Entertainment. I'll say right away - IT WON'T BE BORING!!)) Children's clubs for different ages, pools with slides, sports games, quests and shows! Kids under 3 years old can only have fun with their parents, but if necessary, there are babysitting services to help. Older children can be left with the animators at the club and arrange a real vacation for themselves! There is no need to be afraid of this, safety standards are high, the program is interesting and children usually cannot be dragged away from there by the ears))