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About pitching

About pitching
This is probably the most common cruise question I get.

Today I dispel this myth once and for all! At least it should be enough for a while)

I suggest that you first deal with the technical part so that you understand that I have prepared seriously!

So, every modern cruise ship has a super-powerful pitching stabilization system, which has a bunch of elements!

For example, ballast tanks, huge stabilizer wings, mobile ballasts and all sorts of other things! The ship stabilization process is automated. Any deviation of the cruise ship relative to the horizon is recorded by a gyroscope, the information is constantly scanned by the computer and sends commands, reading and, if necessary, blocking the rocking of the vessel.

In addition, thanks to satellites and navigation systems, the team is always in control of the situation. If there is a storm ahead, the captain will decide to wait it out in flat waters or, conversely, give the ship a run to skip an unfavorable section. A cruise is still not an expedition, comfort is above all))

If we talk about personal cruise experience, then, remembering all my cruises, perhaps only a couple of times I found the waters really raging. Both times it was late in the evening, when all the guests were already wandering around the bars with glasses of champagne! The upper decks were closed in advance for safety reasons, as the wind knocked them down, huge waves overboard, and what about the guests?! ...NOTHING! They play at the casino, watch shows at the theater and have fun! Most of the guests were not even aware of what was going on overboard!)))

Very often they write to me like this: "And we were sailing on the ferry and I got seasick!"

Friends, cruise ships are not a boat, not a boat or a ferry! No need to compare)

Similarly, it makes no sense to compare your (or your child's) motion sickness in the car. I might get carsick myself if, for example, I start reading, but never on a cruise ship!

Of course, everyone's body is different, I can't give a 100% guarantee, but 99% of cruisers still have NO problems with pitching.