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Cheap cruises. TOP-6 booking rules

Cheap cruises. TOP-6 booking rules
A cheap CRUISE. It's possible‼️

Novice cruisers and just travelers! I'm duplicating a useful post! Bookmark it so you don't lose it!

⚓️ "Who gets up early ..."
Prices, like cruises, are formed on the same way as prices for flights and hotels. Therefore, the earlier you book your cruise, the cheaper it is! There are also "last minute deals", but they are more difficult to catch and the choice of cabins is poor. In addition, there is a question of buying tickets, and buying tickets on the eve of departure is not cheap, which means you will lose money on tickets. My advice is to book both flights and a cruise in advance! This is the best option! "In advance" is at least half a year in advance.

⚓️ "Hurrah! Holidays"
See the dates when there are no children's holidays in the country of departure. As in hotels, prices are higher during children's holidays.

⚓️ "It's not the high season!"
Traveling out of season, for example, in Europe in late autumn/winter and in Asia during the so-called rainy season (although rains are not always present), you will get the best prices!

⚓️ "Size matters!"
Cruises on small ships are often cheaper because they offer less entertainment. Luxury yacht cruises don't count.

⚓️ "Age too!))"
Cruises on the newest cruise ships are more expensive. If the ship was launched this year, look at the prices for next year, the price will be much lower. The prices for "renovated" vessels are also more pleasant.

⚓️ "Reposition cruise!"
Such cruises are arranged when cruise companies move ships from one place to another in anticipation of the new season. This is a great chance to cross the ocean on the cheap! It's easy to find them out, the pick-up and drop-off city will be different, and the number of nights, as a rule, looks a little out of the box (in a big way)!

In fact, it can be difficult to take into account all the nuances for an economical cruise yourself. Therefore, if you want to go on a cruise, but do not know where to start, feel free to send an application to we will help you with everything))