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What is included in the price of the cruise?

What is included in the price of the cruise?
The price of a classic cruise includes:
  • Accommodation in a cabin of the selected category. With this point, I think everything is clear.
  • Taxes and port charges. I always give my clients the cost already taking into account taxes and port charges, but not everyone does this. Therefore, always check the final cost of the cruise.
  • Entertainment program on board the ship. Evening shows in the theater, animators, children's clubs, pools and Jacuzzis, slides, playgrounds, workshops and a gym, etc. All this is included in the price of the cruise.
  • Food. It includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and various snacks. In fact, the food is almost around the clock))) You can eat both at the buffet and in the "a la carte" restaurants, all of them are included in the price. Exceptions can only be themed restaurants - fish, Japanese, French or even molecular cuisine;)

What is NOT included in the price of the cruise:
  • Alcohol and drinks in restaurants "on the menu". Alcohol is charged separately. Soft drinks are paid in restaurants, but water/tea/coffee/juices/soda will be free at the buffet.
  • Tips. Tips are debited from your cruise card every day, this amount is divided among all staff and is a guarantee of high service. On average, it is 12-15 euros per day per person, some companies have discounts for children.
  • Additional entertainment. In the form of a casino, massage, beauty salon, shopping and (most often) excursions.

  • Ultra all inclusive cruises. All drinks (including all alcohol) and tips are included on these cruises.
  • Ferries. On ferries, you only pay for cabin accommodation. Meals and drinks are NOT included in the price. There is no tip payment on ferries, but there will also be no well-trained staff, as well as a lot of entertainment. After all, the main task of ferries is transportation, not entertainment of guests.
  • Motor ships. There is no mandatory tip payment on ships and excursions are most often included in the price.