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THE SHOW on the cruise ship

THE SHOW on the liner
Today I want to tell you a little about the SHOW programs on cruise ships.

Believe me, this is not the same as "evening animation" in a hotel, even if the hotel is of a good standard.

⚓️ Cruise ship shows are a separate industry!
A business within a business. The cruise ships have their own casts of artists - actors, musicians, dancers, singers, acrobats, magicians, etc. These are professionals from different countries, with extensive work experience, who have passed a single casting in order to stand on the stage of the theater on a ship! After all, their contracts are sometimes more significant than those of the Bolshoi artists)

⚓️ A lot of money has been invested in the show on the cruise ships.
Light, sound, scenery... therefore, it is not surprising that they are treated with all seriousness. I'm not talking about the number of people BEHIND the scenes. Screenwriters, directors, decorators, make-up artists ... even video operators, because if you wish, you can always buy a CD with the program you like. After all, the shows themselves are unique. Each cruise ship has its own individual program, rehearsals begin long before the ship is launched!

⚓️ And, of course, the most wonderful thing that can happen is that the guests of the vessel attend almost all the shows of the program for FREE. During the trip, you can watch musicals, opera, ballet or traditional dances from different countries, such as flamenco from Spaniards or Latin American dances from South American dancers! By the way, this is the answer to the question why the cast is always made up of artists from different countries! The program is designed with the expectation that all countries have their own strengths! For example, the directors are often from Las Vegas. The opera? Of course, Italy. Ballet? Of course, Russian ballerinas are needed! ;)

⚓️ In addition to the theater with different programs, there may be an additional, separate platform for special performances on board! For example, an ice rink for an ice show, a swimming pool for an aqua show. Yes, all this fits on your floating hotel too, are you surprised?)

And I don't take into account the artists who perform in bars, they are also professionals in different fields) Stand-up artists, Jazzmen, Soul Divas, Rock bands... briefly, you get it)